Vicon BW 2250

Vicon BW 2250 allows you to wrap on the move. Pick up one bale and wrap it as you move to the storage site. The BW 2250 provides easy and gentle self-loading of the bales. The bale is gently lifted up by two guide rollers. Satellite pre-stretcher ensures fast and accurate wrapping action. The BW 2250 is able to wrap the bale it as it is being transported to the storage site.


The Advantages:

  • Three-point mounted satellite bale wrapper
  • Self-loading mechanism
  • Scissor type film cutter
  • Able to handle round bales up to 1000 kg (2200 lbs)
  • Wrap on the Move
  • Vicon BW 2850 J semi-automatic model has a handy electronic joystick.

Technical Specifications:

  Max Bale Size Max Bale Weight Control System
BW 2250 J 1.20x1.50m 1000kg Joystick control
Vicon BW 2250