Vicon RV 5116 -5118

Variable Chamber Balers

The RV 5100 series is a step up in power and reliability, and has everything you need to get the job done. Includes the new and dependable PowerBind net and twine binding systems . The Vicon RV 5116 and 5118 are highly effective variable chamber balers developed for cost efficient and profitable baling. They are developed for simple operation and offer high capacity in silage, hay and straw. Both models offer a host of features including a bale chamber that can be set to operate with three different bale densities zones: soft or moderate cores.

Особенности :

  • PowerBind with direct net injection for fast and highly reliable netting.
  • 2.0 or 2.2 m pick-up with small diameter pick-up reel for fast and efficient throughput.
  • Single or dual fork feeder or rotor intake systems.
  • PowerFeed rotor intake for impressive intake capacity.
  • Drop Floor for easy unblocking (standard on PowerFeed).
  • Optionally with 3 different bale densities, pre-selected from the tractor cab.
  • Easy and simple loading of net roll.
  • New simple and intuitive control with the Focus 3 terminal.

Технические характеристики:

  Размер рулона Система подачи                            Обмотка     
RV 5116F 1.20 x 0.80 - 1.65m Вилочная Сетка и/или шпагат
RV 5116FD 1.20 x 0.80 - 1.65m Dual Fork Feeder Сетка и/или шпагат
RV 5116R 1.20 x 0.80 - 1.65m PowerFeed Rotor Сетка и/или шпагат
RV 5118F 1.20 x 0.80 - 1.80m Single Fork Feeder Сетка и/или шпагат
RV 5118FD 1.20 x 0.80 - 1.80m Dual Fork Feeder Twine, net, double
RV 5118R 1.20 x 0.80 - 1.80m PowerFeed Rotor Twine, net, double
Vicon RV 5116 -5118

PowerBind Net Wrap

  • One of the fastest net wrap actions available. This means minimum downtime and maximum time baling.
  • The net is fed directly into the bale chamber by an injection arm in a flat movement angle to keep the net tight at all times.
  • Accurate and extremely reliable net injection.
  • No interference from external factors such as wind and crop.
  • when the bale is 90% complete the injection arm moves forward, ready for the net injection. No time is spent picking up the net. In fact
  • Very low loading height, for maximum convenience and time saving. To replace the empty roll just swing out the shaft and replace it with a new roll
  • The PowerBind net wrap system allows the net to extend past the edge of the bale.

The Bale Chamber Concept

  • The RV 5100 bale chamber offers a combination of 2 rollers and 5 wide laced belts.
  • This mixed chamber ensures a smooth bale start whatever the intake system, offering smooth bale rotation and reduced crop loss, even in dry conditions.
  • The two aggressive front rollers that come in contact with the crop are constantly cleaned by scraper rollers and are designed to perform well in all conditions. They ensure instant and efficient bale start with every type of crop.
  • The small pre-chamber at the start of the bale formation ensures well-shaped and dense bales with a moderate core and tight outer layers.
  • As the bale grows, the belt tensioning arm is subjected to steadily increasing resistance from two hydraulic cylinders and a spring tensioner.
  • So as the bale diameter grows, so does the bale’s density. The result is a very firm bale with a moderate core.

Focus 3 Control Terminal

Kverneland Group Mechatronics has recently launched a new operator terminal, the Focus 3. This terminal is developed for specific implement types and will only be delivered as package for those implements, together with the electronics for balers. The terminal Focus 3 is positioned in the market as an economy solution.

  • The Focus 3 terminal is easy to learn and very intuitive, with focus on functionality and operating simplicity. The Focus 3 terminal is a universal control terminal which can also be used with other implements from Vicon Group.
  • The Focus 3 terminal gives you full control of all functions from the tractor cab. They are shown on a large and very clear digital display.The Focus 3 terminal monitors and controls all necessary functions with all relevant parameters / information visible at a glance. The control box is also driving the binding automatically without any intervention from the operator.


  • 2.0 or 2.2m pick-up with small diameter pick-up reel for fast and efficient throughput.
  • Pick-up with 4 or 5 rows of tines respectively.
  • Twin cam tracks on the 2.2m wide pick-up.
  • Tine bars with two central supports on the 2.2m wide pick-up.
  • Small diameter pick-up design.
  • Roller crop press is standard on the 2.2m wide pick-up.
  • Narrow transport width.

Intake System

PowerFeed Rotor Intake

  • Truly impressive intake capacity can be achieved with the PowerFeed rotor intake system - handling all crop types with ease, whatever the conditions.
  • The PowerFeed rotor with its 13 rotor fi ngers proactively forces the material into the bale chamber for higher intake speed and capacity proving instant bale start


Single or Dual Fork Feeder

  • The fork feeder versions are fitted with a cost efficient fork feeder intake system. This system provides direct feed into the bale chamber, and the wide opening allows almost unrestricted intake capacity for fast and efficient bale start.
  • In addition the fork feeder gives less vibration and reduced power consumption.
  • The fork feeder is provided with a crop press above the pick-up that ensures a regular crop flow even from large bulky swaths.
  • Dual fork feeder with double feed tines ensures even higher capacity, while still safeguarding fragile crop types.

New Parallelogram DropFloor system for easy unblocking

Whichever rotor or pre-chopping intake system you choose, your Vicon baler comes equipped with the new Vicon Parallelogram drop floor system, which brings faster and easier clearing of blockages from the comfort of the tractor cab.This patented system not only lowers the rear edge of the drop floor as per traditional systems, but also provides additional space under the front section of the floor, where blockages is more likely to occur.