Vicon T-Rex 400/402 - 450/452 - 500/502 - 550

High Capacity Silage wagons

The Vicon T-Rex silage wagons are recognised by massive capacity, large loading volume, and high discharge speed. As these factors to a large extend determine the efficiency of the harvesting process, the T-Rex series are the ideal machines for transport of maize and grass silage.


With a capacity of 40-45-50-55m³ respectively and a loading capacity of 22 and 34 tonnes, they contribute to an optimum harvesting process. The silage wagons are fitted with a closed steel setup, with sturdy lateral supports and profiled metal sheets.

The Advantages:

  • High capacity transport wagons, ideal for transport of maize and grass silage.
  • Loading volume of 40, 45, 50 and 55m³.
  • Fast and efficient unloading thanks to the wide width of the tailgate and the chain-and-slat conveyor.
  • Strong body design with metal sheets and solid side support.
  • T-Rex 400, 450 and 500 are fitted with blade sprung tandem axles.
  • T-Rex 550 is fitted with hydraulic sprung tridem axles.

Technical Specifications:

  Loading Capacity to DIN Load Capacity Load Weight
T-Rex 400 / 402 38.8m³ 34m³ 22000kg
T-Rex 450 / 452 40.9m³ 45m³ 24000kg
T-Rex 500 / 502 44m³ 50m³ 24000kg
T-Rex 550 48.8m³ 55m³ 34000kg
Vicon T-Rex 400/402 - 450/452 - 500/502 - 550

Boogie Axles

  • The strong and very stable tandem axle offers smooth operation and is designed for safe and fast transport of the crop to the silage clamp or when working off-road in the field.
  • The T-Rex is fitted with parabolic spring loaded boogie axles. The asymmetric mounted springs and wide distance of the suspension ensures that both axles are balanced at any time.
  • This provides even weight distribution with load evenly distributed on all 4 wheels. This makes the T-Rex easier to pull, and reduces soil compaction and tyre wear when operating in the field.
  • The standard level of specification comprises a hydraulic brake system and 700/50R 26.5 tyres, but will accept tyres up to 800mm wide, which significantly reduces ground pressure.
  • The T-Rex is standard fitted with steered wheels, improving manoeuvrability when space is limited. It also reduces ground damages when turning in the fi eld and tyre wear.

Tridem Axles

  • T-Rex 550 has a hydraulic sprung tridem boogie design, which can be equipped with an axle lift.
  • The T-Rex 550 is fi tted with power steering for accurate and safe manoeuvrability in the field.

Fast Unloading

  • The large dimensioned hydraulic chain-and-slat conveyor is split into two segments and features four heavy duty chains designed to bear even the heaviest of loads.
  • The scraper floor automatically disengages when the chamber is full.
  • Loading and unloading speed is infinitely adjustable and sensors warn via the control box when the chamber is full.
  • The Rotex Combi offers very fast and efficient unloading of the material. The large tailgate in combination with the adjustable speed of the chain-and-slat conveyor provides very fast unloading of the material so no time is lost.
  • The sensor controlled tailgate is operated hydraulically. The tailgate is mechanically closed and is monitored by two sensors, showing the position on the control terminal.
  • The Rotex Combi is fitted with three large diameter discharge rollers, which are driven by maintenance friendly driveshaft, to unload the material in a uniform and even mat, reducing the need for evening out the clamp afterwards.
  • The Rotex Combi features heavy duty side walls made of galvanised powder painted steel plates. The vertical side plates move the material to the rear of the chamber, ensuring a full load.

Grain Kit

  • Grain kit for canola, wheat and grain available as option.
  • With the optional grain kit the floor is tightened  with by strong brushes.
  • The lower part of the front wall is covered with an industrial plastic film.
  • The slat-and-chain conveyor will be completely covered by the tailgate when closed, ensuring that no material is lost on the road.

Multi Use Wagon

  • High capacity transport wagons, ideal for transport of maize, grass silage and wood chops.
  • Loading volume of 40, 45, 50 and 55 m³.
  • Large capacity and fast unloading are decisive factors when setting up a costefficient harvesting system.
  • The T-Rex transport wagons are designed to match these requirements and are recognised by massive capacity, large loading volume, and high discharge speed