Vicon EXTRA 687T

Efficient Butterfly Combination for More Uptime

The new EXTRA 687T buttefly combination has been designed with ease of operation in mind. In fact it is an uncomplicated butterfly combination purpose built to lower operating costs in terms of power and fuel consumptions, with power requirements starting at only 150hp.

It offers 8.70m working width at only 1900kg. Equipped with 2 x 3.18m mowing units, both fitted with 8 counter rotating triangular discs and nylon tines, the EXTRA 687T is geared for productive work days. EXTRA 687T comes standard with an integrated parking foot for easy and convenient parking, requiring a minimum of space during winter storage

The Advantages:

  • 8.70m working width
  • Low weight of only 1900kg, power requirements starting from 150hp.
  • Integrated vertical parking stand
  • Hydraulic adjustment of ground pressure (optional)
  • NonStop BreakAway
  • Centre suspended mowing units
  • Counter-rotating triangular discs.
  • Efficient nylon tine conditioner
  • 600 or 900rpm conditioner speed.

Technical Specifications:

  Ширина захвата Кол-во дисков Плющильный аппарат Необходимая мощность
EXTRA 687T 8.70м 2 x 8 треугольных дисков Нейлоновые пальцы 100кВт/150л.с.
Vicon EXTRA 687T

Hydraulic Spring Adjustment

This feature provides easy and simple setting of the ground pressure. For greater operator comfort, ground pressure of the large suspension spring is set hydraulically from the tractor cab. On the hydraulic version the tension on the large suspension spring, which controls the ground pressure, is adjusted hydraulically, to increase or lower pressure. The chosen ground pressure level is conveniently registered from the easy-to-read scale.

Transport and Vertical Parking

Vertical Transport Position

For transport the mower folds into a compact position well behind the tractor. The folding design ensures that the weight is distributed evenly, with the weight of the mower close to the tractor. Transport height is well below 4.00m.

Parking, Safe and Sure-Footed

With the integrated parking device, storage of the EXTRA 687T is made easy and convenient, requiring a minimum of space during winter storage. The mower is firmly parked on strong and stable parking foot, bringing total height below 4.00m.

Efficient Centre Suspension

Accurate and Simple Suspension

The EXTRA 600 series is fitted with a highly efficient suspension system that includes centre suspended mowing units, efficient  spring suspension and NonStop BreakAway. The mowing units are centre suspended via a suspension spring, to give an even weight distribution across the complete mower width. The benefit is less skid wear, optimum protection of the stubble and less fuel consumption.

Two Mounting Options

EXTRA 600 series can be adjusted for optimal operation according to different circumstances, such as field contours or working width of the front mounted mower. To ensure optimal overlap between front and rear units, the mowing units can be mounted in two positions on the suspension arm.

Vicon NonStop BreakAway

Protection of the Cutterbar

Vicon EXTRA 600 series is all fitted with the Vicon NonStop BreakAway system to protect the cutterbar. The integrated NonStop BreakAway autoreset system will protect the cutterbar from foreign obstacles. If an obstacle is hit in the field the mowing unit will swing backwards and up. This gives maximum protection of the cutterbar.

Effortless Protection

There is no need to stop - or even to reverse the tractor to get the mowing unit into working position again. When engaged the spring loaded design ensures that the Vicon NonStop BreakAway system automatically returns the cutting unit to its´ original working position.

Nylon Tine Conditioning

  • Due to the nylon tines fitted to the conditioner, the total weight of the machines is kept to a minimum, while keeping an aggressive conditioning.
  • The fixed conditioning fingers are made from high quality nylon, to make them very rigid.
  • This means excellent protection from stones and other obstacles. A perfect solution for farmer and smaller contractor machines!

Two Speed Gearbox

  • The machines also offer a large degree of operating adaptability, as they are factory fitted with the option of being operated with either 540 or 1000 rpm.
  • It requires no additional accessory. All that is needed is to turn the main gearbox on the suspension 180°.

Косилочный брус EXTRA

  • Косилочный брус EXTRΔ разработан для уменьшения необходимости в техническом обслуживании и очень тихой работы.
  • Операторы немедленно полюбят практически бесшумную работу нового косилочного бруса - комфорт во время долгого и напряженного рабочего дня.
  • Полностью сварной косилочный брус для очень прочной конструкции.
  • Чётное количество дисков с противоположным направлением вращения для улучшения перекрытия.
  • Диски с тремя лезвиями для лучшего скашивания.
  • Сглаженный, защищённый от камней дизайн для отличного качества кошения.
  • Большое количество масла обеспечивает низкую рабочую температуру.
  • Низкий уровень шума благодаря специально обработанным шестерням.
  • Подкрученные ножи для чистого скашивания в любых условиях.