Vicon EXTRA 736T Vario

Race Car Technology for Mower Conditioners!

New line of mounted mower conditioners from Vicon with ground breaking suspension concept. The mowing unit is suspended by four suspension arms that allow the mowing unit to float independently float over the field, and adjust accurately to ground contours.

Ground pressure is easily adjusted from the tractor seat, hydraulically and with an easy to read pressure scale on the mower for clear guidance. The suspension provides NonStop BreakAway protection across the full working width, with no limiting factor on the left hand side of the mower, giving the driver true peace of mind during operation.


The Advantages

  • 3.60m working width.
  • New innovative QuattroLink racecar suspension concept.
  • Flexible suspension – 700mm movements, 400mm upwards and 300mm downwards.
  • NonStop BreakAway protection across full working width.
  • Vario version with hydraulic adjustment of overlap on the go.
  • Ground pressure remains the same, even when overlap is changed.
  • Integrated parking foot for vertical storage.
  • Vertical Transport Solution.
  • Counter-rotating vertical discs.

Technical Specifications:

  Working width Number of Discs Conditioner Power Requirements
EXTRA 736T Vario 3.60m 10 triangular dics SemiSwing Steel Tines 97kW/130hp
Vicon EXTRA 736T Vario

QuattroLink Suspension

Racecar Technology Applied for Mower Conditioners

What makes the QuattroLink suspension unique? The mowing unit is pulled by four suspension arms fitted onto a fixed carrying arm that allows the mowing unit to float independently over the field, adjusting highly accurately and instantly to any changes in ground contours.

No Compromises on Flexibility

The mowing pattern is extremely flexible with a vertical working range of 700mm up and down and a transverse working range of 30°. The 4 arm suspension concept ensures constant ground pressure during working operations.

How You Will Benefit from QuattroLink

Like a race car you want better tracking, ability to go at faster speed and adjust instantly to changing field conditions when operating your mower conditioner. These are the main benefits you will experience when running the EXTRA 700 series. The four suspension arms provide the mowing unit with an exceptional flexibility in adapting instantly to demanding ground contours inviting for higher speed and more productivity.

Full Width BreakAway

Our NonStop BreakAway system just got even better. With the new QuattroLink suspension this system now offers protection across the full working width of the mower, including the part closest to the tractor. There are no limiting factors on the inside part of the mower, giving the driver true peace of mind. When hitting an obstacle in the field, the mowing unit will instantly move backwards and up, and then return to the original position.

Vario - Suspension Arm

Hydraulic Adjustment of Overlap

EXTRA 736T Vario and 7100T Vario are fitted with hydraulic SideShift integrated into the carrying arm allowing each mowing units to move 400mm. To easily compensate for changing field conditions, the adjustable overlap is designed as a telescopic arm, directly into the suspension.

Ground Pressure Remains Constant

During mowing operation the carrying arm always remains even to the ground, giving the mowing unit the freedom to instantly compensate and float across uneven ground contours. The true benefit of the suspension concept is that even though overlap is changed, the chosen ground pressure remains the same.

Efficient Headland Management EXTRA 700

The EXTRA 700 series provides generous clearance across the complete cutterbar, including the inside area. When lifting the mower on headlands, the mowing unit is raised and the carrying arm is tilted to a 10° angle. This provides the EXTRA 700 series with a level ground clearance of minimum 500mm across the full working width. When lowing the mowing unit the carrying arm is lowered evenly without one side touching the ground before the rest of the mower, avoiding unnecessary stress and wear on the mower.

Transport and Parking

Even Weight Balance for High Speed Transport

The complete weight of the EXTRA 700 is spread evenly on both rear tyres, with a 50/50% weight balance. This means the tractor in not sliding to one side during transport, providing extremely stable running characteristics of tractor and mower during the transport, inviting for higher speed.

 Parking, Safe and Sure-Footed

With the integrated parking device, storage of the EXTRA 700 is made easy and convenient, requiring a minimum of space during winter storage. The mower is firmly parked on strong and stable parking foot.

EXTRA 736T Vario

The Mower folds hydraulically for transport and the telescoping frame arm moves to lowest overlap position, to reach a transport height below 3.70m

SemiSwing Conditioner

  • Even More Efficient Conditioning

    The new conditioner plate can be adjusted at both front and rear ends to customize the conditioner to crop intensity. The front end is adjusted separately to suit the crop intensity, even for massive crop, to avoid any blockages. Rear end is adjusted to ensure smooth and efficient crop flow into swaths or wide wide spreading.

    Steel Tine Conditioner

    Utilizing centrifugal force is what makes the Vicon SemiSwing conditioner stand out among other conditioning systems.  It offers an aggressive conditioning effect while still offering excellent tine protection and virtually no wear and tear.  During operation tines will stay in a fixed position, providing full conditioning with minimum wear.

Spreading and Swathing

Swath Plates Automatically Expand

Swath plates automatically expand when being slided inwards to support efficient and accurate swathing.

Easy Change-Over for Widespreading

Changing from swathing to widespreading is virtually a one minute job. The swath plates are easily slided to the side and the FlipOver widespreading vanes are turned 180°. No tools are required.

Косилочный брус EXTRA

  • Косилочный брус EXTRΔ разработан для уменьшения необходимости в техническом обслуживании и очень тихой работы.
  • Операторы немедленно полюбят практически бесшумную работу нового косилочного бруса - комфорт во время долгого и напряженного рабочего дня.
  • Полностью сварной косилочный брус для очень прочной конструкции.
  • Чётное количество дисков с противоположным направлением вращения для улучшения перекрытия.
  • Диски с тремя лезвиями для лучшего скашивания.
  • Сглаженный, защищённый от камней дизайн для отличного качества кошения.
  • Большое количество масла обеспечивает низкую рабочую температуру.
  • Низкий уровень шума благодаря специально обработанным шестерням.
  • Подкрученные ножи для чистого скашивания в любых условиях.