Vicon Andex 1504

15 m working width
The Vicon Andex 1504 is a truly high performance machine suited the highest demands. It is fitted with a hydraulic working width adjustment from 9.5-15m. The swath width can be adjusted between 1.4-2.5m, to match the output to the following pickup size. With its clever folding mechanism the total height remains below 4m - despite a rotor diameter of 3.8m - And there is no need to remove tine arms for road transport, conversion from transport to operating position is conveniently controlled from the tractor driver's seat.

The Advantages:

  • Maintenance-free ProLine oilbath gearbox.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of working width width between 9.5-15m.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of rotor height.
  • Active steering wheel axles for excellent manoeuvrability.
  • Clever folding mechanism, allowing the rake to go below 4m without removing tine arms.
  • ISOBUS Control.


Technical Specifications:

  Working width Tine Arms Weight
Andex 1504 9.50-15.00m 2x13/2x15 5700kg
Vicon Andex 1504

ProLine Gearbox

  • The ProLine rakes feature a unique drive system which comprises oil-immersed pinion and crown wheels.
  • The fully enclosed design ensures full and permanent lubrication, and makes the entire system absolutely maintenance-free.
  • The hardened cam track is adjustable, and features a flat curve and an extremely large 400 mm diameter, providing positive guidance to the steel rollers, and promoting quiet machine running.
  • Aluminium bearing housings, with two integral ball bearings and wide support, provide solid and maintenance-free tine arm mounting.

Andex 1504 - Adjustable Working Width

  • Raking width can be continuously varied on the move between 9.5 m and 15 m.
  • Raking width can be matched to the density of crop to obtain an evenly shaped and equally wide swath over the full length.
  • The two outer rotors can be adjusted individually.
  • You can independently steer an outside rotor around an obstacle such as a pole or tree without having to change travel direction with the complete machine.

Andex 1504 Manoeuvrability

  • The 2-pt headstock allows a turning angle up to 80° and the steered wheel axles ensure the Andex 1504 has unequalled manoeuverability.
  • Despite a total length of 9 m, even narrow gateways or approach lanes to fi elds are easily negotiated.
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic breaks allow Andex 1504 to reach high transport speeds, minimizing time spent going from field to field.
  • During transport the height of the machines  is below 4 m, without removing the tines. Transport width with detached tine arms is only 3.45 m.
  • Conversion from transport to working position is very fast, and is carried out from the tractor cab.

Optimal Ground Pressure

  • Hydraulic ground pressure control means constant and adjustable pressure on the rotors regardless of their position on the carrier frame.
  • Free mobililty in three planes combined with six steered twin wheels per rotor give each rake head perfect ground following ability for the cleanest possible raking performance.
  • Each rotor can be independently set for height by using the hydraulic system.

ISOBUS Control

  • The Andex 1504 is fully Isobus compatible and available with the Focus or IsoMatch Tellus control terminals.
  • The Focus terminal is an easy to learn and very intuitive control terminal with focus on functionality and operating simplicity.
  • The IsoMatch Tellus is the new virtual terminal, offering 2 interface screens in 1 terminal. The large 12” easily programmable touch screen offers ergonomic use.